We listened when Australians said the SMSF process was complex and expensive! Our Self Managed Super Fund specialists take the stress out of setting up a self managed super fund and other asset investing by guiding you step by step through the process, whilst offering affordable application and running costs along the way. It is important to note that all fees below are taken from your current retail superannuation fund.

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Need to Know - SMSF - Equities & Shares

If you’re setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you may be eligible to invest in Australian-listed securities such as shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bonds, options, and warrants. While working with NewVentureWealth, you must register for an e-broking service like Macquarie and many others to complete and submit your SMSF application. Note we do not recommend any specific share trading platforms and have provided Macquarie as an example only.
By using an e-broker service as the broker, you can easily invest in Australian shares and other listed securities while abiding by the strict rules set by the ATO. We recommend seeking professional advice from a qualified financial advisor to ensure that investing in equities suits your fund.
Once your SMSF is approved, you need access from your e-broking service. This access enables you to make investments and track your investments in real-time with the broker’s online platform. Through our auditing program we monitor transactions to ensure that the SMSF is compliant. Any trades that do not comply with the ATO’s rules and regulations will be immediately flagged by New Venture Wealth.


Yes, your SMSF must use an e-broking service, such as Macquarie, as a broker if you want to trade CHESS-sponsored Australian shares. This ensures that all transactions comply with the ATO’s regulations and can be audited by New Venture Wealth for any potential breaches in compliance.
Once your SMSF application is approved, you can begin trading shares with e-broking. We recommend you seek professional advice from a financial advisor first to ensure that investing in equities is suitable for your fund.

No, your SMSF is not obligated to trade shares. Instead, you can invest in other assets, such as property or fixed-interest products. We highly recommend seeking professional advice from a financial advisor when deciding which investments suit your fund.

Yes, your SMSF can trade shares if it meets the strict rules set by the ATO and trades through e-broking. We recommend seeking professional advice from a financial advisor when considering whether this is a suitable option for your fund.

The brokerage fees for trading through e-broking will vary depending on the type of trade and which platform you choose to trade with. For example, buying or selling shares will incur a brokerage fee, while investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may not have any associated fees. New Venture Wealth wouldn’t be able to provide information on the specific fees associated with your SMSF’s trades. Check with a financial advisor for this.

Yes, you can use a broker to invest in Australian shares. However, you should know that not all brokers or e-brokers allow SMSFs to trade shares. It is essential to check with the chosen broker beforehand whether they accept SMSF clients and will enable the trading of shares with them

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