What Costs Are Involved In Smsf Setup

We listened when Australians said the SMSF process was complex and expensive! Our Self Managed Super Fund specialists take the stress out of setting up a self managed super fund and other asset investing by guiding you step by step through the process, whilst offering affordable application and running costs along the way. It is important to note that all fees below are taken from your current retail superannuation fund.

Set Up Fee

$874* / One off payment

Govt/ASIC Fees not included ($576) Please call our team of consultants if you require any assistance with the application form or have any questions on 1300 050 939

Accounting & Audit Fee

$145/ Monthly

All monthly fees are paid for by your super and are directly debited from your SMSF bank account. Fees are a tax deduction for your fund.

Total Cost Example

Year 1Year 2
Setup Fee Paid back by fund once established$874*$0
ASIC Fee $576$0
Accounting Fee (No lock in contracts) $145/mth$145/mth
SMSF Levy – Paid tax time $518$259
Company Renewal $0$56
ESA (Electronic Services Address) $45$0
*Accounting fees based on a fund with standard asset investments. Additional assets (ie multiple properties) involving addittonal accounting resources /complexity due to high level of transactions to be reviewed by accountants. Speak to one of our consultants regarding accounting fees if this occurs. Note – accounting fees are paid for through your SMSF on a monthly or annual basis. No lock in contracts apply with your accounting and tax services.
Prices displayed in the Total Costs Example are for guidance only, relates to a one member fund with audit and tax services for a SMSF with basic assets only. Year 1 fees are regardless of month of year set up is completed. Prices subject to change based on individual circumstances. Prices include GST.

The SMSF Supervisory Levy Fee​

$259 is charged annually by the ATO. This fee allows you to run your SMSF and will be added to your SMSF tax bill. the fee is paid twice in year one and once for each following year

ASIC Renewal Of Your Company Name​

ASIC charges you a fee to have your company name reviewed and keep your company on the ASIC database. The $56 is debited from your SMSF bank account annually on the date your SMSF was established.

Paid 1 year after fund established and then annually


Electronic Services Address fees are $45 per year (debited annually from your SMSF bank account) This system notifies all parties when your employer makes contributions to your SMSF.

Payable from anniversary of fund set up

Contribution Tax​

Your employer contributions are taxed at 15%

Capital Gains Tax​

Any profit made from sold assets is taxed at a rate of 15%


Setting up and running your own ‘Self Managed Super Fund’ or SMSF crypto or SMSF Property or SMSF shares has traditionally been met with expensive ‘set up’ and ‘auditing’ fees. Not anymore. At New Venture Wealth, we’re taking a different approach.

We set up your property SMSF, equities SMSF, crypto SMSF and provide fixed monthly auditing fees with no ‘lock in’ contracts.

All expenses for your crypto SMSF or property SMSF or shares SMSF (Set up, auditing & government fees) are paid by your traditional retail superannuation fund. We guide you through the entire process ‘step by step’ providing you with a designated consultant to ensure your fund is completed in a timely manner and fully compliant with all superannuation regulations.

If you would like to learn more about setting up a super SMSF so you can start investing in property, crypto, equities and more please book in a 15 min consultation with one of our team or call 1300 050 939

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